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Our Biosphere

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We have our own little Herb Garden, which is expanding throughout the park, where guests are welcome to take some , or just enjoy the fragrant smells.

We grow your own Tomatoes, Peas ,Peppers and Potatoes and have fantastic mature fruit trees and guests are welcome to help themselves when available.

We have reinstated an old woodland walk, that had long since grown over and made benches to create tree bathing spots.


We are lucky to have various types of edible Mushrooms all around us to forage and a host of Wild Garlic in Spring time that visitors are welcome to enjoy.

We have planted many types of plants to encourage Bee and Butterfly activity and have just introduce our Bug Motel, as well as sowing our first wild meadow. We have our own compost, reducing our need to travel and buy compost covered in plastic, therefore reducing our Carbon footprint.

We are surrounded by woodland and have many varieties of trees, and are systematically planting inside the old Walled Garden to create more flora and fauna.


We are surrounded by perfect spots to enjoy Tree Bathing as part of our wellness schemes and our newly built Pergola, complete with Chakra Bunting , will evolve over the season to be covered in beautiful climbers, relaxing scents and other interesting things , including our own artwork.